R U Assertive? Stand Up Skills for Teenagers

R U Assertive? Stand Up Skills for Teenagers is a “how to book” that provides strategies for teenagers to use as they grow in their abilities to advocate and take responsibility for themselves.  The easily read chapters provide valuable information regarding factors that have the potential to either impede or facilitate self-expression.  Additionally, activities designed to lead individuals through successful problem resolution are outlined.  The book will be a valuable resource for any teenager who is working toward developing an understanding of his own uniqueness and personal value.

Penny Rogers, Ph.D.
Nationally Certified School Psychologist
Licensed Psycho-Educational Specialist

As a high school counselor and director of guidance for over

twenty-five years, I was often approached by the parents of high

school teenagers recently diagnosed with some type of learning

disability.  Because these diagnoses were new and frustrating to

both the parents and their children, they were seeking answers

and means for dealing with and/or adapting to the different learning

styles and coping skills which they suddenly faced.

How very helpful it would have been to have had access to

Gloria Hash Marcus’s book, R U Assertive? Stand Up Skills for Teenagers,

a practical, easy-to-read, common sense book filled with exercises to 

allow teens to develop positive skills and appropriate self-support 

techniques.  In addition to its information directed to young people, it

also has valuable information for parents to assist them in communicating effectively with their children, in developing their own assertive skills as well as in helping their children be prepared to enter their adult years as self-sufficient, responsible men and women.

Ms. Marcus’s ability to communicate in a non-technical, plain-English manner makes R U Assertive?  a must-read for parents and teens who find themselves in environments which are less than harmonious when they are together!

Marilyn K. Hendrix
Former High School Principal
Former Greenville County Board of Trustees Member
Former Associate Vice-President, Greenville Technical College

R U Assertive? Stand Up Skills for Teenagers is a practical guide for teenagers to use on their own or with the help of a parent or other adult.  Assertive skills are often beyond the grasp of teens and this book gives them useful tools to cope with social situations that can be overwhelming.  Especially helpful are the chapters for kids with learning disabilities and AD/HD, and the tips to deal with bullying and shyness.  This should be a “must-have” resource for school personnel and mental health professionals who work with adolescents.

Cynthia Marks, Ph.D.
Licensed Counseling Psychologist

Gloria Hash Marcus provides teachers, parents, and teenagers with a simple and clear handbook that provides a forum for discussion so teenagers can understand and practice ways to handle significant issues as they transition from middle school through high school.  Under the general topic of assertive communication skills, there are clear and useful stepping stones to self-knowledge, taking care of oneself both emotionally and physically, and very practical information for individuals with AD/HD and learning disabilities.

The chapters are written at a comfortable level and contain real-life examples that resonate with today’s teens.  The activities at the end promote role-playing, group discussion, or individual reflection.  Teenagers would find the text very approachable, even if they were using this book as their own self-help handbook.

I recommend this book for teachers who are guiding young people as they make decisions and choices about their education.  Parents would value the step-by-step approach with exercises that allow experiences and practice.  The chapter on learning disabilities, dyslexia, AD/HD, and NLD are informative and valuable.

Pat Porter
Camperdown Academy teacher for twenty years
Fellow, Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators

The biggest selling point of R U Assertive? is that it is appropriate for three distinct audiences:  teens, parents, and counselors.  This book provides a “ready made” format for group sessions.  The activities are excellent.  Ms. Marcus’ section on boundaries is the clearest that I have read.

SJ, Ph.D.
Middle School Guidance Counselor