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R U Assertive? Stand Up Skills for Teenagers
is a
book that was written to provide a vehicle for helping pre-teens and teenagers develop better communication skills and self-esteem.

It is pragmatic in its approach and provides useful exercises and recommendations.  This book’s utility reaches beyond the teenage population.  Parents, teachers, and administrators can learn better ways of accessing their feelings and meeting their needs by requesting appropriate assistance from others.

R U Assertive? Stand Up Skills for Teenagers also has useful chapters on self-advocacy and self-support techniques.  There is an informative chapter on learning disabilities, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and Nonverbal Learning Disorders.

Assertive Skills Inventory

Test your Assertive Skills and take this Inventory.  Notice how your responses may change based on the situation.



What are assertive skills?
In order to effectively utilize knowledge regarding the

extent of one’s abilities, assertive skills are used to

assist students in becoming advocates for themselves.  

Students begin this process by studying the four

different styles or methods of communication:

assertive, passive, passive-aggressive, and aggressive.  

The style that is the most effective out of the four

methods of communication is the assertive style.  Learn

more about assertive skills and get involved with the community by reading the Assertive Skills blog  or liking us on Facebook.

Praise for R U Assertive: Stand Up Skills for Teenagers

"The biggest selling point of R U Assertive? is that it is appropriate for three distinct audiences:  teens, parents, and counselors.  This book provides a “ready made” format for group sessions.  The activities are excellent.  Ms. Marcus’ section on boundaries is the clearest that I have read."

SJ, Ph.D.
Middle School Guidance Counselor